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By leveraging the strength of our parent company and using our expertise as outsourcing provider, GDI is able to perform a diversified range of complete service in procurement and project management. We will evaluation and select logistics suppliers as per customer requirements schedule.


GDI procure materials from the local market, china, gulf countries, Europe and the United States through an established roster of existing suppliers.


GDI various contracts contain various materials outsourcing for upstream engineering, construction, healthcare, field support and oil & gas. What ever the scope service extension, GDI will ensure to provide many other service like the public affairs and professional consultation relating to finance and human resources.



GDI also handles employee movement and transportation, executive staff domestically and internationally.


Our strategic sourcing is the key to our sourcing process which adds value by improving the purchasing activities. The united stated is the major supply market to the oil and gas engineering activities and GDI will aid in assessing the market, identifying new suppliers, manufacturing facilities for critical materials and lending the subject matter expert consulting service to our clients.